Industrial insectology was originally published in 1980 by Don Gilbert as a basic introduction to some thought provoking concepts of pest management in the industrial setting.

Industrial Insectology demonstrates the need for careful consideration of all methods of insect control - is an insect control system chosen from various environmentally acceptable methods, not following any one standard, but selecting and logically applying that which seems best, into a workable plan...i.e. it is a broad acceptance of ideas from many sources, but excluding those methods known to be detrimental to our environment.

Bear in mind that this brief discussion cannot possibly cover with adequate detail all the various subjects involved in insect control - if you learn only one lesson, let it be understood that there is no simple "one shot" method available to control insects.

Howard O. Deay, Ph.D. entomologist professor emeritus, Purdue University, once said that "an entomologist knows a great deal about the left hind leg of a grasshopper - but hasn't the vaguest idea how to catch him." Engineers understand light spectrums, air currents, physical barriers, sanitation, etc. - but they don't have knowledge of insect behavior.

The following pages reflect our honest attempt to blend together the vast information available to the entomologist, and technical knowledge of the engineer, with our knowledge of insect control and trapping - then intermix these talents into a practical approach that will help solve a problem common to all industries worldwide.

by Don Gilbert

To Control Crawling Insects
You See One in Twenty
Factors Influencing the Insect World
Nocturnal and Diurnal
And Flies, Too
The Prolific Musca Domestica
The Integrated System
Effective Insect Control
Insect Vision
Light Traps
Case Study No. 1...Fly Response
Case Study No. 2...Fly Response
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