About Don Gilbert...

Don GIlbert was a pioneer in the field of insectocology. He served major industries and various branches of the U.S. Government for many years.

His pioneering efforts gained acceptance for insect light traps in federally inspected food and pharmaceutical plants, after which, at the government's request, he assisted writing the GMP standards for flying insect control.

He also assisted Underwriter's Laboratories in developing the safety standards for insect light traps and is generally conceded to be the person most responsible for creating today's industrial market for strategically designed, insect-free lighting systems.

A 1946 graduate of Arkansas State University, Don Gilbert was involved in the design and application of insect control systems from the 1950's to 1993. He received many patents in the basic art of electromagnetic energy, as well as design patents on equipment that set standards for professional Isect Light Trap applications.

While he participated in every major insect control assignment received by his company, Don Gilbert found time to be a frequent speaker before college and governmental groups, and to hold seminars at the corporate level for many of the nation's leading companies.