Selecting An Insect Light Trap (ILT)
Wall Mount, Ceiling Hung, or Portable?

Generally speaking, place wall mounted ILTs down low to best catch day-flying insects like the housefly. Ceiling traps will catch flies; but it is the fly's nature to be below five feet high (even skimming the floor) when they are most responsive to ILTs. The lower you place a trap, the more responsive flies will be to it.

Ceiling-hung ILTs may be necessary in some circumstances, but night-fliers (the insects you see navigating insanely around lights at night) are also naturally more responsive to our UV attractant lamps than flies. In food plants and pharmaceutical laboratories, both type insects can usually be handled with a well designed system consisting primarily of low, wall-mounted ILTs.

See Strategic Installation for exceptions.

Electrocuting ILTs
Glueboard ILTs
Gilbert® 711 Flying Lion

[711.gif] Superior Effectiveness.
Features a large reflector and open top providing increased attractancy and access for all types of flying insects.
Mount Low, horizontally (about waist high or lower for best results).

53 1/8" W x 13 1/8" H x 5 5/8"D (Wt: 30 lbs.)

Gilbert 601T The Don

(small601t.jpg) Excellent effectiveness.
Features versatile corner or flat wall-mounting and a wide angle of attraction.
Mount low, vertically, top of trap below 5 ft.
54 3/16" W x 16"H x  4 3/4" D (Wt: 32 lbs.)

[Corner.gif] The corner-mount design provides a wider angle of attraction and allows two perpendicular aisles to be covered with one trap.

Gilbert® 601E Executive

[601e] Effectiveness is similar to a Guerrilla™ or Sticky Tiger™.  Features a decorative, tamper resistant front panel which makes it a good choice for entrance foyers / public areas.  Versatile corner or vertical flat wall mounting.  Removable inner chassis for recessed in-wall installation. Mount Low (below 5 ft.).
53" H x 16" W  x 5 3/4" D (Wt: 29 lbs.)

Gilbert® 601TJ Junior

Features compact, space saving design. Basically, it's a short 601T. Versatile corner or flat-wall mounting, wide angle of attraction, etc. Mount vertically waist high or lower, for best results.

30 1/4" H x 16" W  x 4 3/4" D (Wt: 19 lbs.)

 Multi-purpose Portable Electrocuter

Gilbert® 220 Guerrilla

[220] Light weight and convenient carrying handle make it ideal  for strategic surveillance maneuvers or surgical flywar. Not as powerful as our larger ILTs, but it's multi-purpose design allows it to be used as a free-standing portable, horizontally wall-mounted, or ceiling-hung.

29" W x 14" H x 7 3/4" D (Wt: 19 lbs.)

Electrocuting ILTs

Gilbert® 705 Night Hawk

[705dump.gif] Excellent Effectiveness.
Usually, the trap of choice for intercepting night-flying insects. Recommended for all but the wildest of night-flier problems.
Hang 8 - 10 feet high or 6 inches above product stacks.

53 1/8" W x 13 1/8" H x 8 11/16" D (Wt: 35 lbs.)

Gilbert® 605 Night Eagle

Superior Effectiveness.
Primarily used in shipping/ receiving, areas. Features large grid area which is effective against night-flying insects prone to large circular flight patterns. Hang 8 - 10 ft high or 6 inches above product stacks. For wall-mount version, order the Wild Dragon.

53 15/16" W x 22 13/16" H x 7 3/8" D (Wt: 48 lbs.)
Gilbert® 2000GT Flying Venus

Super-thin, beautiful, silent wall-sconce ILT goes unrecognized in the most elegant of dining rooms, hospital hallways. Mounts horizontally with point down.
Slim, Thin, Trap Depth Only 2-3/4"
Slopes to 1-7/16 at point
24-3/4"W x 11-1/2"H  (Wt. 6 - 8 lbs.)

Gilbert® 2002GT Flying Venus

Same as 2000GT (above) except:
Holds the Larger 22 x 5" Glueboard (Trap Depth 6")
And, No-Half Board Bend Is Required. Mounts horizontally with point down.

Gilbert® 2012GT Flying Venus

Silent wall-sconce ILT.
Mounts horizontally with point down.
24-1/2"W x 9-1/2"H  6-3/4" D (Wt. 9 - 12 lbs.)

Gilbert® 601D-GT Sticky Don

The glueboard version of the legendary Don™.
Featuring New Easy Access Tilt-A-Trays™

Excellent effectiveness, equal to that of the legendary industrial light trap, the Gilbert® 601T Don™. The new Sticky Don™ features the same versatile corner/flat-wall mounting and wide angle of attraction. Both Don™s make flies an offer they can't refuse.

Mount low, vertically, top of trap below 5 ft.
29 1/2" x 15 9/16" x 2 7/8" (Wt: 28 lbs.)
Gilbert® 2004GT Leonardo Da Trapi
The 2004GT Leonardo Da Trapi
is the world's first, serious ILT art. Mounts horizontally.
29 1/2" x 15 9/16" x 2 7/8" (Wt: 15 lbs.)

Gilbert® 601GT Sticky Lizard

Finally, a Gilbert® quality glueboard ILT that cornermounts, mounts flat on a wall (vertically or horizontally), and, when necessary, may even be hung from eyebolts.

You can get your Lizard with or w/o wings. These (optional) Lizard wings reduce effectiveness a bit, but hide glueboards (and captured insects) from view. A different concealment strategy, black glueboards, are also available.

30-1/4" x 16" x 3" (Wt: 16 lbs.)

Gilbert® 219GT Sticky Tiger

Powerful for its' size, the Tiger can be wall-mounted horizontally (waist high) or used as a portable.
28"W x 10-1/2"H  5-3/4" D (Wt. 13 lbs.)

Gilbert® 225GT Sticky Fox
NEW Improved Design!
Compact trap out-catches competitors whether it's wall-mounted horizontally waist high or mounted under-counter. Stainless steel (including swing-up guard).
27 3/4"W x 11-3/8"H  3-5/8" D (Wt. 12 lbs.)

Gilbert® 747GT Sticky Bear

Amazing glueboard ILT rivals the catching power of a Flying Lion. Mount horizontally waist high or lower, for best results.

53-1/8"W x 13-1/8"H  5-5/8" D (Wt. 26 lbs.)

All Gilbert ILTs Are UL Listed, Canadian Standards Approved, EPA Registered, and Meets All Known Codes/Regulations.

Strategic Placement Is Key With Any Professional ILT